3 Additional Reasons Why Multifamily Investment Is So Compelling

Apartment developers will need to add approximately 325,000 new units each year until 2030. By Tanya Sterling | September 27, 2019 at 07:13 AM EL SEGUNDO, CA—The case for multifamily investment is obvious. To name a few reasons, occupancy rates are high, vacancy rates are in the 5% range or lower and renewal rates are running at record […]

Workforce Housing as a Defensive Play

Aegon Real Assets US is is partnering with local developers, usually though a JV equity structure to target workforce housing in select markets. By Erika Morphy| September 23, 2019 at 05:23 AM DENVER—Like many in the commercial real estate industry, Scott Cote, executive vice president and co-head of Real Assets at Aegon Real Assets US is fairly […]

U.S. Commercial Real Estate Market Remains Strong Despite Global Economic Concerns

Ten years since the economic expansion started after the Great Recession, commercial real estate remains strong. Many real estate professionals and investors expected markets, including real estate, to contract sooner, entering hyper-supply. At the 2015 CCIM Institute’s annual conference Sam Zell, the founder and chairman of Equity International, discussed the sale of his multifamily portfolio […]

6 Benefits of Multi-Family Investing That You Must Know

If you are considering investing in real estate, one of the best options available to you will be multi-family apartment buildings. There are a variety of different benefits you will gain, as you will see below. If you have been on the fence about investing into commercial real estate, the benefits below should help to convince […]

3 Strategies for Peak Multifamily Performance

RICHARDSON, TX—Conventional wisdom has it that the best multifamily investment to make is in one of the 14.5 million units located the 62 largest metro markets in the US that has a population greater than 1 million. Most of these communities are professionally managed with a minimum of 150 units. Even so, investors are keenly […]

Slowdown in multifamily market? It’s not here yet

Chuck Patenaude, senior vice president in charge of production with Minneapolis-based Dougherty Mortgage, remembers when he graduated from college: The goal was always to buy a house, be an owner and build equity. Today? That’s not necessarily the case. Patenaude now looks at his three adult children. Two of them rent, largely because the cost of […]

In Search of Yield, More Multifamily Investors Explore Affordable Housing, Smaller Markets

In a competitive market for multifamily acquisitions, more investors are looking at niche plays. Bendix Anderson | Sep 03, 2019 In late August, investment firm Starwood Capital Group bought 21 affordable housing properties in Florida and Texas containing a total of 4,448 apartment units. According to Mark Keatley, managing director at Starwood Capital, the firm is “confident this portfolio […]

A Look at the 3 Main Multifamily Investment Factors

“Buyers or investors are always looking for a good ROI and so they have to consider various factors including whether or not rent control is a factor and of course, good rents.” By Tanya Sterling | September 03, 2019 at 06:54 AM SANTA ANA, CA—Cash flow, location and leverage are the three main factors which should be considered […]