It Will Be a Buyer’s Market for Multifamily Next Year

WASHINGTON, DC—It will be a buyers’ market for apartment investors next year, according to a recent survey from Capital One. It found that 74% of multifamily professionals expect they will primarily be buyers rather than sellers while just 19% saw themselves primarily being sellers in the year ahead. Respondents also indicated that rent control and […]

2020 On Track to Be a Tale of Two Markets

NEW YORK CITY—Mark Fawer, an attorney with Greenspoon Marder’s Real Estate practice group, sees one major indicator that should mean good things for the commercial real estate sector in 2020. “Generally speaking, we do well in a lower interest rate environment and you don’t anticipate the Fed raising rates before a presidential election,” he says. […]

What Does the Inverted Yield Curve Mean for CRE?

PORTLAND, OR—Long-term interest rates on bonds reached below short-term rates for the first time since 2007 and yields for the two-year Treasury bill exceeded those of the 10-year Treasury bill for a brief period. This inverted yield curve has historically preceded national recessions by five to 18 months. In this exclusive, Adam Hooper, co-founder and CEO […]