DataStax Closes Fiscal Year on a High Note With Over 400% YoY Growth of its Astra DB Cloud Database

By STS News Desk On Mar 4, 2022

Enterprises from around the globe including US Bank, VerSe Innovation and Atom bank chose DataStax technologies in Q4 to help unlock the real-time data that powers their business

DataStax, the real-time data company, announced a successful Q4 and fiscal year, highlighting over 400% year-over-year sales growth for its industry-first serverless cloud database, Astra DB. The company reported that nearly 40% of its new growth in Q4 was attributed to Astra DB, as more enterprises take advantage of the scale, ease and affordability of its multi-cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS). DataStax also delivered nearly 120% year-over-year net dollar expansion, reflecting a growing number of enterprises who are expanding their footprint with the company.

In Q4, DataStax welcomed new and expanded customers of its data management technologies Astra DB and DataStax Enterprise, including Atom bank, Braver, Digital River, Globo Comunicação e Participações, Hornet, MR Educação & Tecnologia Ltda, Ryzeo, Southern Graphic Systems, SupPlant, Theorema Systems Inc, Turkiye Is Bankasi, US Bank, and VerSe Innovation, adding to its impressive list of existing customers such as ESL Gaming, Overstock, and Verizon. Enterprises are increasingly partnering with DataStax to activate real-time data and connect it to artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive action and decisions.

In a recent report, “The Data-Driven Enterprise of 2025,” McKinsey & Company predicted that “data that is processed and delivered in real time” will be one of the top characteristics to define data-driven enterprises.

“Today’s market leaders are digital leaders, and they are winning with data,” said Chet Kapoor, DataStax chairman and CEO. “It’s not just about just capturing and storing a deluge of data to mine for future intelligence. Instead, today’s digital leaders are running their businesses with applications powered by real-time data to automate decisions and create instant experiences. We are extremely proud to deliver the only technology stack on the market for real-time data applications that unifies both data ‘at rest’ in databases and streaming data ‘in motion’.”

What Customers Are Saying About DataStax

  • U.S. Bancorp is the parent of the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States. “As we shift our legacy application architectures to a microservices-driven platform, DataStax Enterprise delivers the scalability and real-time data that US Bank needs for our next generation of personalized AI- and ML-powered interactions with customers, enabling superior experiences in banking, payments, and other financial services.” — Michael Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, US Bank
  • SupPlant is a world leader in the field of precision agriculture. SupPlant’s hardware resides in farmers’ crops, sending a variety of sensor data to the cloud. “We chose DataStax Astra DB as the primary data store for our time-series IoT data because of its support for simple and cost-effective business continuity. With the help of DataStax, we’re enabling farmers to better plant, and manage their precious water resources in a climate adaptive manner. All to prevent plant stress, reduce fruit loss, improve production, and maximize crop potential.” — Revital Kremer, Chief Technology Officer, SupPlant
  • VerSe Innovation is India’s biggest local language technology platform powering 300 million+ users to consume content in their local language through their iconic consumer-facing apps – Dailyhunt, India’s #1 local language content platform, and Josh, India’s fastest-growing and most engaged short-video app. “From a digital native company to India’s first tech unicorn for local language content, technology has always played a central role in what we build and how we grow at VerSe Innovations. DataStax is a critical component in our platform and our journey, as we look to leverage the power of the cloud to help scale the business.” — Jai Thomas, Vice President, IT Infrastructure & Operations, VerSe
  • Hornet provides a safe, global social network for the LGBTQ+ community. “We chose to migrate our open source Cassandra database to DataStax Astra DB to reduce our overhead as we focus on growing our user base of 30 million people. A highly reliable, performant, and scalable data platform is key to our development of new app features that reimagine how we can better serve our community worldwide. We see Astra DB as a cost-effective, managed service that frees our team to innovate with data to foster greater user engagement.” — Matt Hirst, Head of Engineering, Hornet
  • Atom bank, based in the United Kingdom, is the UK’s first mobile-only bank. “Our digital platform and mobile app are at the heart of our business. DataStax Enterprise helps our bank move away from the overnight, batch-based data feeds that legacy banking systems rely on in favor of real-time streaming with event-driven, microservices architectures. This provides our customers the smart, snappy services they’ve come to expect from Atom.” — Jonathan Long, Data Science Engineering Manager, Atom bank

In its most recent fiscal year, DataStax delivered major technology advancements to empower any enterprise to quickly, easily and cost-effectively build real-time data applications including:

  • Astra DB: DataStax announced Astra DB as the industry’s first and only open, multi-cloud serverless database-as-a-service. Astra DB is designed to make it easy for anyone to build with and operate the world’s most scalable database, Apache Cassandra™. During the year, the company evolved Astra DB to include multi-region capabilities for business continuity and real-time experiences anywhere on the globe.
  • Astra Streaming: The company introduced Astra Streaming, a highly-scalable, multi-cloud messaging and event streaming platform built on Apache Pulsar™. Astra Streaming is integrated with DataStax’s Astra DB to deliver a unified stack for managing both streaming data in motion and data at rest.
  • Stargate: DataStax added GraphQL and gRPC APIs to the open source Stargate API framework, which is available within Astra DB. Stargate provides easy-to-use APIs that let developers build real-time data applications using familiar code and data formats.
  • K8ssandra: The open source distribution of Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes released by DataStax in 2020 was made available on any Kubernetes including Amazon, Google, Azure, and is also available on the VMware Marketplace.

DataStax also continued its strong commitment to the Apache Cassandra open source project, which reached a major milestone with the launch of Cassandra 4.0 in July 2021.

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