We are a boutique investment firm that provides access to proprietary investment opportunities in commercial real estate. Our team has been stewarding investments for wealthy individuals and families for over 30 years. As a private equity real estate firm, our goal is to help investors build long-term wealth and passive income streams through a diversified offering of value-add multifamily properties.

Our current focus is on multi-family investment properties of 200 units or more. We prefer value-add, Class B/C properties, work-force housing in the southeastern and midwestern markets. We partner with other experienced sponsors and collectively own over 2,000 units – valued at over $150 million.


We offer sophisticated individual investors and wealthy families access to direct investments in commercial real estate that may be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Our offerings eliminate the high minimum investment requirements found at many of the large real estate funds.

For years institutional investors have used commercial real estate as a means to enhance yields in a yield-starved market. Real estate can offer predictable cash flows, build equity through future capital appreciation of the assets, tax benefits, and may act as a hedge against inflation and stock market risk. Our platform is designed to provide individual investors the same benefits.

At the property level, we strive to improve our communities through moderate interior and exterior renovations. In addition, our team is experienced in identifying operational inefficiencies which allows us to improve operations to exceed investor expectations.


We collaborate with our clients to provide a transparent investment process enabling more efficient decision-making. Our direct access allows investors to invest alongside experienced operating partners who have a proven track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

This approach differs from the large brokerage firms who typically only offer these types of investments through a fund platform or in publicly traded REITs. Similarly, most of the well-known real estate funds require a minimum investment of $1 million of more which doesn’t appeal to the typical investor. Acuity Partners utilizes its vast network of commercial brokers, lenders, other sponsors/owners and legal and accounting professionals to identify what we believe are best of breed transactions.