Dataminr Unveils AI-Led Pulse for Cyber Risk Detection

Dataminr launched an AI-powered risk detection tool called Pulse for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). The new platform is designed to help CISOs manage cyber risks by providing real-time alerts and situational awareness of cyber threats. As cyber threats continue to rise, Pulse plays a crucial role in helping enterprises mitigate risks and secure sensitive data.

The new launch help Dataminr leverage AI to produce real-time actionable intelligence across the cyber, physical and digital domains. Now enterprises can use the Dataminr Pulse product suite to enable faster and more effective real-time response and bolster their enterprise resilience.

Pulse utilizes ML algorithms that analyze data from various sources, including social media, news feeds and government alerts. That helps enterprises to identify potential risks and events related to cyber threats. CISOs can now detect cyber threats and provide proactive alerts to take action before an incident occurs.




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