Epirus Introduces Next-Generation High-Power Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

By: Editorial Team April 15, 2022

Epirus, a market leader in developing directed energy systems and power management solutions, has announced the introduction of its next-generation high-power microwave (HPM) Leonidas system. This marks the third Leonidas system developed, rigorously tested and operationally validated by the company in under two years, a clear indication of Epirus’ rapid development capabilities.

“At Epirus, we are introducing transformative innovation at a rate that is out of the realm of possible at traditional defense companies. With the emphasis we’ve put on software-defined systems, each of our Leonidas units continues to be smaller, smarter and safer than the last,” said Andy Lowery, Chief Product Officer, Epirus. “Our newest Leonidas system speaks to the importance Epirus places on customer feedback. We listen to our customers, we understand the complex threats they are facing and we are rapidly delivering systems that meet their mission needs.”

The latest Leonidas system features hardware and software upgrades that align directly with the mission sets and operational needs of Epirus’ customers. Higher power – more than double that of the last system iteration – is a hallmark of the next-generation Leonidas unit. Under the hood of Leonidas lies Epirus’ SmartPower technology platform, a propriety combination of hardware, software and machine intelligence that enables the company’s Leonidas family of products to achieve such remarkable power densities, without the thermal capacity issues that plague legacy solid-state HPM approaches.

The use of the SmartPower platform coupled with Leonidas’ software-defined ability allows for system upgrades to be rapidly deployed without the need for new hardware. This unique approach allows Epirus to continuously enhance the system, optimizing its electromagnetic waveforms to achieve positive effects against new targets at a longer range.

Leonidas’ software-defined ability enables pinpoint precision and assured accuracy. With the addition of a mechanical gimbal to the newest system, this unprecedented precision is met with a mobile array that extends the azimuth of protection from incoming threats. The 360-degree gimbal enables greater coverage and the ability to prosecute targets from any direction. The next-generation Leonidas is also mounted on a military-grade trailer and is fully ruggedized and hardened to withstand the rigors and uncertainty of real-world combat environments.

Epirus’ next-generation Leonidas system was showcased in action at the U.S. Department of Defense’s HPM counter-UAS technology demonstration, hosted last week by the Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO). At the technology demonstration, Leonidas was tested against a range of UAS targets without prior knowledge of flight plans. Beyond its success against targets deployed, Leonidas’ ease of operation, efficient setup time and unparalleled operator safety were on full display.

“We are pleased to have once again validated the effectiveness of our technology. Leonidas’ exceptional performance at last week’s JCO technology demonstration is further proof of what we at Epirus have known to be true for years – our revolutionary approach to high-power microwave and the counter-electronics capabilities of our systems are second-to-none,” added Leigh Madden, Chief Executive Officer, Epirus. “We’re matching the scale of the complex challenges our customers face with state-of-the-art technology that outpaces our adversaries. We look forward to getting our technology in the hands of the warfighter.”

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